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People have always been essential to organisations, because they provide inspiration, creativity, vision and motivation that keeps an organisation alive. Cogo People Analytics aims to provide data intelligence to empower organisations to more effectively and efficiently manage human capital. When partnering to implement analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) into Human Resources departments, we create a synergy that allow specialists and managers to focus on the personal touch.

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Organisations are diverse and consists of a variety of cultures, management styles and operational requirements. That is why Cogo believes in developing solutions bespoke to the organisational need and addressing each stage of the employee life-cycle with innovative AI development. We equip organisations to replace intuition, avoidance and bias with data-driven decisions to attract, support, motivate and retain employees.



Automated AI CV Screening for matching and ranking candidates to job profiles.



Competency assessment, gamification and AI personality matching.

Predict & Development

Predict & Development

Predictive modelling to determine training and development opportunities, potential skills gaps within the organisation and employee turnover rates.

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Succession Planning & Change Management

Succession Planning & Change Management

Social network analysis, illustrating key employees to implement and drive change.

The Importance of People Analytics

Globally, organisations are heading towards leveraging people analytics to understand their employees better and how to maximize human capital. Data and AI allows us to better understand what motivates employees and what increases employee turnover. People Analytics can lead organisations to reduce employment risks, as well as increase the productivity of employees by creating an environment beneficial to both management and employees.

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Our Purpose

Cogo helps companies make better decisions about their talent through the power of HR Analytics and AI. By harnessing the power of predictive and prescriptive analysis, we can create happier working environments by improving the way we identify, recruit, develop, promote, engage and retain talent.

Why Cogo?

At Cogo we understand the intricate nature of people management. This is why we follow a multidisciplinary approach to develop bespoke data intelligence solutions. By combining deep skills in Data Science, HR, Recruitment and Industrial Psychology we develop solutions that drive real change within organisations. Creating data solutions for the people specialists by people specialists.

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